Kevin Mendoza Tudares

Northwestern University
McCormick School of Engineering
BS/MS Computer Science '22

[family name] [at]
([five one two]) 686-6846


I am a Software Engineer on Tableau Software's Platforms team and recent graduate from Northwestern University as a QuestBridge Match Scholar. In Summer 2021, I was a Software Engineering intern at Tableau, where I spearheaded an alternative continuous delivery solution to automate versioning, releasing, and publishing of JVM binaries and artifacts from Gradle projects in Tableau's modular monolith codebase. I was also a Software Engineering intern on the Data Engineering team at RigUp (now Workrise), where I constructed a data catalog platform for their Business Intelligence team. Finally, I was also a member of the Array of Things research group at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), working with Pete Beckman on time-series database solutions and machine learning-based sensor calibration for IoT devices.

My interests span information systems and data engineering, scalable cloud infrastructure, DevOps, and user-centered design. Minus the jargon, I am motivated by the idea of empowering people with high-quality data and software. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Computer Science, emphasizing on NU's research areas of systems and networking and human-computer interaction.

While studying at Northwesern, I was also affiliated with the following research groups:

I have also been an undergraduate teaching assistant for a couple of courses:

Upon graduation, I received the Ovid W. Eshbach Award, awarded to who the graduating class feels most exemplifies the ideal engineering student. I also received 2021 Student Hero Award from Northwestern's Computer Science department.

My favorite languages right now are Java, C/C++, Rust, Go, and Racket. When I'm not coding, I spend the rest of my time enjoying video games, playing with terminals and text editors, riding trains and subways, listening to indie music, traveling, playing my cello, touring art and history museums, learning, and teaching.

Thanks for visiting! Below are a few projects I've worked on. Feel free to check them out.

Recent Projects

Gradle Producer Plugin

With the Platforms team at Tableau Software, I developed a continuous delivery soltuion for automated versioning, publishing, and releasing of JVM git module projects via custom plugins for the Gradle build tool.


With the Data Engineering team at RigUp, I developed a data catalog and its infrastructure to boost productivity and insights for RigUp's analysts. This project utilized Lyft's open source Amundsen platform, GCP, Snowflake, Tableau, Flask, React, Docker, and K8s.


With Marcelo Worsley at tiilt, I developed voice and gaze interaction platform using Java, Python, and JavaScript to facilitate accessible and equitable gameplay in Minecraft. You can view the current repository here.


As an ongoing personal project, I'm developing a web app using React to access Spotify's Web API. The app allows users explore their library and top artists and songs to visualize their musical data. If you have a Spotify account, you can try it out for yourself here.


With Jason Wilson in NU's Affective Computing course, I developed a component of an affective agent to train volunteers for emotional support services. The component approximates emotions from facial expressions using OpenFace, and the agent builds on Microsoft's \psi framework.

Environmental Data Time Series Analysis

With Pete Beckman at ANL, I implemented a new PostgreSQL database and infrastructure to manage time-series environmental data maintained by the AoT research group. I then used the data for developing a sensor calibration model combining supervised and unsupervised ML models.


As a group in NU's DTC course, we designed a portable changing table to facilitate changing of a 9-year old with cerebral palsy. The device allows the caretaker to change the child within the privacy of a handicap stall. The design recieved recognition from the Segal Design Institute.